Regulations and Certifications

Exceeding Standards

Mississippi Polymers is proud to comply with all regulatory and quality standards. We’ve worked hard to become one of the leading manufacturers of film and expanded polyvinylchloride (vinyl), and are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services. Whether a high-dyne film, surfaces free from any defect and blemish (yes, even the small ones you can’t see), dead-flat layflat (Hall of Fame as we proudly call it), consistency from roll to roll and lot to lot, and compliance with regulations, we have your back and you can count on Mississippi Polymers.

We test all incoming raw materials to ensure they meet both chemical and physical specifications. We also carefully monitor our manufacturing process for outstanding quality. Year in and year out, we are diligent about keeping up our certifications and making sure that our talented team is up to date with any changes in regulations. Our customers know they can trust us, and they and are confident in the products we manufacture-today and tomorrow.  We don’t take shortcuts. Click through the pages below to learn more about the exacting regulations we follow.

Our Passion is Film…