Our Products

Mississippi Polymers manufactures, markets, and custom designs a variety of supported and unsupported polyvinylchloride (vinyl) and polyolefin films, laminates, and coated fabrics, including woven nylons, polyester, expanded-polyvinylchloride (vinyl) leather-like, and more. Our functional and decorative films are used in a wide variety of products and structures, including pressure sensitive applications, vehicle wraps, spa cover linings, RV and building awnings, wallcoverings, labels, advertising banners, billboards, and many more. Our high-quality products are proudly Made in the U.S.A. at our state-of-the-art 500,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Corinth, Mississippi by a dedicated team of experts who work to provide you with only the absolute best. Our Passion is Film…

Calendered Film

We are a world class leading calendered film manufacturer. Our capabilities span multiple state of the art calenders, each with current generation gauge and flatness controls with a maximum width of 108-inches. In addition, our pressure sensitive and graphics calenders are also equipped with the latest high speed vision and in-line color inspection systems. Our competencies range from Ultra-thin to 20 gauge. We wind control side-in or control side-out on any core, including 3 and 6-inch varieties, made of paper, aluminum, steel and composite bases. Matte, gloss and embossed films in clear, white and colors of any kind. Our Passion is Film…

Laminated Constructions

Our expert design staff and technical team can help create the perfect laminated construction for your needs. We excel at color matching, ultraviolet (UV) resistance, flame resistance, and topcoating (laminated constructions only) to help your final product withstand the elements, time and create “pop” that will knock your socks off! Our Passion is Film…

Stock Line

We are one of the best polyvinylchloride (vinyl) fabric suppliers in North America. We manufacture and carry a large stock line of expanded vinylpolychlroride (vinyl) leather-like products, supported polyvinylchloride (vinyl) non-woven laminates, and polyvonylchloride (vinyl) coated fabrics for use in furniture upholstery, beanbags, seating surfaces, and more. Our Passion is Film…

  • Calendered Film

    Mississippi Polymers is a world leader in the production of Ultra-thin to 20 gauge calendered flexible films. Our primary focus is on high quality unsupported films used in pressure sensitive applications, graphics and signage, decorative surfaces and wallcoverings. We excel in solving challenges others think impossible. Likewise, given our relentless pursuit of perfection, we’re constantly … Continue reading Calendered Film »

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  • Laminated Constructions

    Our expert technical team can help you create the perfect solution for your application using laminated constructions. We excel in consistent color matching from lot to lot, ultraviolet (UV) resistance, flame resistance, mold and mildew avoidance, long life weatherability, self healing properties, and topcoating (laminated constructions only) to help your final product not just meet … Continue reading Laminated Constructions »

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  • Stock Line

    We are one of the country’s best polyvinylchloride (vinyl) fabric suppliers. We manufacture and carry a large stock line of expanded polyvinylchloride (vinyl) leather-like products, supported vinyl non-woven laminates, and vinyl-coated fabrics for use in furniture upholstery, recreational seating, automotive seating, and more.

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