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Additional Calender Receives 20/20 Vision

Mississippi Polymers, Inc. started the New Year with an innovative bang, and we will close out the year with a ground-breaking explosion. Back in January, we completed the successful start-up of a state-of-the-art vision inspection system on one of our Calenders. At that time, we had hoped to be able to install this impressive technology on all of our Calenders, and now, we are a step closer to making that dream a reality.

We are excited to announce that this remarkable system will be installed on another one of our Calenders later this month. This means an additional Calender will have assurance of complete in-line inspection for our films. The vision inspection system recognizes and verifies article and production codes, checks surface, and inspects measurements and contours. Not only that but it will provide the assistance needed to produce films with a higher level of quality. Fewer rejects means a lower total ownership and conversion cost, and what does that mean for our customers? It means greater value, a satisfactory business experience, and data to inspire confidence to grow-grow-grow.

This amazing vision inspection system comes from the great minds at Intelligent Systems Robotics and Automation (ISRA). ISRA is a company that, like us, has a dedication to quality. They designed and programmed this system to detect even the most miniscule surface irregularities on our calendered films. Having this system installed on one more Calender further helps our operating and quality teams since it can see things that the naked eye is unable to at production speeds. Meaning we can guarantee reliable, 100% quality control, and can keep bragging about our ability to produce films that flawless.

If you would like to find out more about the vision inspection system and its capabilities, then please do not hesitate to reach out to your sales engineer or our technical team. And in case you were wondering about our other Calenders– don’t worry! We want all of them to feel loved, so our plans are still to have this powerful system installed on all of our Calenders.

Coming to a Web Browser near You…

Mark your calendars!

Beginning in December, our technical director, Leigh Ann Green will have her very own column on our website. Every four months Leigh Ann will share her wealth of knowledge with us as she takes us into the technical world of Plastics. Once upon a time, Leigh Ann was our senior chemist before she took the role as our technical director. And she actually started her career as a teacher! So, we cannot think of a better or more qualified person to undertake this new project.

The column, “Technically Speaking,” can be found under our Regulations and Certifications tab. Be sure to check out the inaugural issue next month which will cover how we at Mississippi Polymers determine CPSIA-compliance.

New Calender Rolls Shine a Light on the Best Quality

It’s no secret that Mississippi Polymers, Inc. takes pride in being experts in calendered film. We know that in order to maintain that expertise means not settling for lackluster performance but instead always searching for ways to improve and continuously develop.

This is why our latest development has us beaming with excitement. Our No. 3 Calender is receiving new calender rolls! These new rolls are forged, have a super finish, and will produce film without common and typical gauge bands. But wait there’s more! These new rolls will also provide great and consistent layflat. And just like there are three L’s in real estate (location – location – location), we have our own three L’s– layflat – layflat – layflat.

Roll that beautiful calender footage…

So, why exactly are we incredibly overjoyed about this? Because we are a leading supplier to the pressure sensitive adhesive, graphics and wallcovering markets, and this calender is one of the most technologically advanced, and we want to keep it that way. Not only that, but by investing in these rolls, we are also investing in your consistency and quality which means we can continue providing you with exceptional service roll after roll.

At Mississippi Polymers, Inc., we realize that to attain success means to focus on ways to continuously improve instead of growing stagnant. Our passion is film, and our dedication is providing our customers with quality product and 100% satisfaction. Please contact us to find out more information about these shiny new rolls and how they can play a role in supplying your film needs.

Operation Mississippi Polymers

Mississippi Polymers, Inc. is thrilled to share the news that camouflage prints are now produced at our facility, and unlike the pattern, our enthusiasm cannot be disguised!

We have developed two prototypes– a printed film version and a laminated version. The printed film is a 10 gauge material, and the printed laminates use our proven Tire Cover construction with a 7.5 ounces per square yard white non-woven backing. Both are available in a modern digital black camouflage. More of a traditionalist? No worries! Both versions are also being offered in the classic green camo style. Want or need more options? Thicker gauge, thinner gauge, narrow, wide, different backing, no backing, whatever– yes, we can do that. No problem.

Currently, we are in the early stages of this covert mission, or as we like to think of it– “Operation Mississippi Polymers.” However, we do have sample material available. If interested or if you would like more information regarding this exciting development, then please contact us. We would love to tell you more, and check back often to find out the latest mission details of Operation Mississippi Polymers!

Digital Camo Black Printed Film

Digital Camo Black Printed Film

Digital Camo Black Printed Laminate

Digital Camo Black Printed Laminate

Urban Camo Green Printed Film

Urban Camo Green Printed Film

Urban Camo Green Laminated Print

Urban Camo Green Printed Laminate

Internal CPSIA Compliance Testing

Mississippi Polymers, Inc. is pleased to announce that we now perform all of our CPSIA and most other regulatory compliance testing internally. During 2015 we installed and commissioned a new, state-of-the-art gas chromatography-mass spectrometer (GCMS).

Our GCMS system analyzes and measures the presence and quantity of various chemicals of concern. By having this system, we ensure our products are of the highest quality with shortened lead-times, so our deliveries are on time, every time.  Having this capability eliminates the traditional three day shipment hold pending results, and also allows for roll by roll certifications where desirable.

Since installation and commissioning, we’ve conducted extensive testing to ensure accuracy and correlation with our external testing partner.  While we no longer need to rely on their team for day to day requirements, we’ve maintained our long standing relationship to support internal compliance that continues correlation testing on a defined frequency to ensure valid test results.

At Mississippi Polymers, we’re dedicated to being the best film manufacturer and remain focused on providing our customers with reliable products and services they can count on today and tomorrow. We’re proud to continue investment in the latest technology, and are careful and diligent in following all regulations and obtaining all necessary certifications.

For a more complete list of the regulations and certifications that we routinely manufacture to, please visit our Regulations/Certifications page. If you have any questions about our GCMS system, the tests that we perform or our products and services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. At Mississippi Polymers, customers truly do come first!

New ISRA Vision Inspection System for 100% Quality

Mississippi Polymers, Inc. is proud to announce that we installed and commissioned a new, state-of-the-art vision inspection system. We initially installed it on one Calender to test its usefulness and compatibility with our high-quality calendered film, and it has performed beautifully. We already have plans to have this powerful system installed on all of our other Calenders.

The vision inspection system comes from the award-winning automation company, Intelligent Systems Robotics and Automation (ISRA). ISRA shares our dedication to quality, and we are excited to offer our customers further enhanced quality standards, to meet all of their needs.

The vision inspection system is designed and programmed to detect even the tiniest surface irregularities on our calendered films. This fully-automated system is based on standard modules, and it guarantees dependable, 100% quality control. It assures complete assembly of our films, checking positions, inspecting measurements and contours, recognizing parts, and verifying article and production codes. This is a huge help to our operating and quality teams as it can see what the eye cannot at production speeds, and provides adaptive real-time feedback.

One of the things we pride ourselves on here at Mississippi Polymers is our ability to produce calendered films that layflat without flaws. The vision inspection system in conjunction with all new gauge and profile controls that were installed and commissioned on of all Calenders, helps our films to be converted even faster by our customers, with nearly zero rejects. Fewer rejects means fewer costs and better value—something our customers really appreciate. At Mississippi Polymers, only when our customers are happy, are we happy.

For more information on how these capabilities will help you, please contact your sales engineer or our technical team.